Better adherence to recommended home exercises as well as being more physically active improves the long-term effectiveness of exercise therapy in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip and/or knee, say researchers in an article published in the August issue of Arthritis Care and Research.

Both within and after the treatment period better adherence is associated with better patients’ outcome on pain, physical function, and the patient’s self-perceived effect. Since exercise adherence declines over time, future research should focus on how exercise behavior can be stimulated and maintained in the long-term, the researchers add.

150 patients with hip and/or knee OA receiving exercise therapy were followed 60 months. Data were obtained through research collected at baseline, 3, 15, and 60 months follow-up. The association between exercise adherence and patients’ outcome on pain, physical function and self-perceived effect was examined.

Adherence to recommended home exercises and being more physically active was significantly associated with better treatment outcome on pain, self-reported physical function, physical performance and self-perceived effect. The association between adherence and outcome was consistent over time. Adherence to home activities was only associated with better self-perceived effect.

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