Need assistance to move towards a successful integration of correctly performed exercises to meet your goals?

Tired of getting hurt every time you try to imitate an exercise routine you see on TV, YouTube or those crazy intense fitness CD’s?

ECRC-PT’s Fit-4-U program is designed to help you succeed with personalized, guided programs that are safe and effective to meet you fitness goals.

The Fit For U Program includes:

(1) An assessment of medical history that relates to your physical fitness.
(2) Establishing individualized fitness goals that are attainable and reasonable.
(3) A thorough physical assessment of your fitness including: movement, range of motion, balance, agility, stamina, and strength.
(4) An individualized exercise program designed to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and cardio-vascular health to help you attain your personal goals.

Develop your own plan to meet your needs: Meet with your Physical Therapist to asses your progress and revise your exercise program to attain your personal goals.


A one-on-one personal training session if you are in need of additional motivation or extra hands-on assistance to perform your individualized exercise routine.

Follow-Up Sessions: Fit For U and your Physical Therapist can explain your options for Follow-Up Sessions to help you reach and maintain your goals.